Godís Purpose For Ladies

Lorina Brewer


Ladies, why are we here?  What is Godís purpose for us?  According to Genesis 2:18, God said that it wasnít good that man should be alone so, He made a help meet for the man.  Woman is the ultimate creation of God.  She was an independent creature and could have lived alone.  Woman was not an afterthought. She was the fairest and best of Godís creation.  Our Creator did not create that which was most important first.  Man, that is Adam was created after the living creatures and every living thing and then God made woman.   

Keep in mind that in Godís divine order, He increased the importance and the magnitude of creation with the passing of 7 days.  God remolded the earth and created every living creature along with man, and. God said ÖĒthat it was goodĒ. (See Genesis 1:10, 12, 18, 21 and 25)  It wasnít until that God made Eve and brought her to Adam that God said it was very good, Gen 1:31. 

  You see ladies, having a husband and children and caring for them is very good according to our Creator.  He made us especially for that purpose.  We are to be a help to our husbands.  We are to nurture and guide the home.   You might say that we are the Holy Spirit of the home. 

  Whatever your age may be, God has a purpose for you.  If you are a married lady, you are to be a help meet to your husband .  If you are single, study Godís word concerning being a help meet, if that should be in your future, and if not, pray and ask God what His will for your life is.  He is faithful and He will show you.   

  Today, most married ladies do not have the option to be at home.  Their families need the extra income, but their single most important job is to be a help meet to their husbands.   

  Single ladies should study the word of God to find out what God expects from them.  In a sense, the single lady is to be a help meet to the Creator.  She is to find out what God needs her to do.  God prepares all women for a special task, whether it be a wife, mother, teacher, nurse, etc.  God has a plan for all ladies. 

The ďhelp meetĒ teaching in the Word of God is not commonly known among the women in the world today, but never-the-less, Godís word does not change.  Itís still remains to be Godís plan, Godís purpose for ladies.  If our families are to glorify and magnify the Lord in this dark world, then ladies need to be and do what they were created to be and do, to be a help meet to their husbands.

 A married lady might ask, ďHow do I become a help meet?Ē  The answer is that she must make her husband her #1 priority by meeting his needs.  Is he hungry?  Prepare a meal if you can and if you canít cook a meal, get him one.  Show him that he is important to you.  Write notes to him.  Make it pleasant for your husband to come home to you.  Protect him from harsh words.  Do whatever it takes to put a smile on his face.  Support him in his work, whether it is secular or Christian.  Find out what your husbandís likes and dislikes are.  Be aware of the littlest needs that he has.  Ask him what style of dresses or skirts he prefer on you, also what shoe style and what hair style?    Please remember, Eve was made for Adam and Adam loved what he saw.  Be trustworthy.  Help your husband by allowing him to make the final decision.  Please do not fight him on this.  Your husband needs to know that you trust his judgment.  

You and your husband should be growing together and going in the same direction by doing Godís will for your lives, whatever that might be.  Spend time with your husband; make him know that he is very important to you.  He should be your ďbest friendĒ.  Do him good and not evil.

Ladies, when we decide to be a help meet by loving, cherishing and supporting our husbands as they strive to do Godís will, then our Creator can and will work on our familiesí behalf and will show Himself strong to the unsaved community by answering our prayers and providing for our needs.

Itís Godís plan.  It works!  It worked for the women of the Bible.  Remember Noahís wife, Abrahamís wife, Sarah, and Mary, Jesusí mother, just to name a few.  These ladies were not perfect, but they loved their Creator by obeying and loving their husbands and their Creator in turn kept His promises to them and their families and was able to bless them with miracles.

 God, our Creator, doesnít have perfect people to do His will.  He knows that His people are but flesh, but if Godís people do their part according to Godís plan and purpose, God is sure to bless their families and, in turn, bless their churches. 

I love you.  Thanks for all that you do for Gilbert Independent Baptist Church, for Preacher, and for me.  You all are truly a blessing.

God Bless You! 


Your Pastorís wife